- December  2021 Update - 

Dear all,


We hope everyone is well and looking forward to the Christmas holidays!


As you know we follow the South Lanarkshire school holidays. This year is a late finish with our last teaching night being the 23rd of December.


We are aware of the media response to the new Omicron variant and some clients have asked if we had considered closing the music school early.


After a lot of consideration and chats with our team, we have decided the best course of action is to close a week early.


This means the school will finish up from Friday the 17th of December.


We will reopen on Saturday the 8th of January 🖤


We will work out catch up lessons for all missed classes in the New Year.


Thank you all for your support.


Have a lovely Christmas and New Year! ☃️❄️✨⭐️