September Update

New Students

- September Update - 

In line with the latest government guidelines we have decided to put a hold on the reopening of VSOM for face to face lessons, and will continue with remote learning online for the time being.

All the VSOM tutors and staff are missing the students, but are proud to see how everyone has embraced online lessons - it’s not quite the same, but it’s a great way to keep in touch and continue to develop their skills given the current situation.

We are very keen to get back into the classroom as soon as possible, but we feel remote lessons are still the best option given the current spike in covid cases in Scotland. 


A reassessment will be made in the next 2-3 weeks, and with some luck we will be back in the classroom as normal - with additional safety measures in place -  in the not too distant future.


Once again, sorry for the last minute changes to our reopening plans, and the general uncertainty going forward, but we would also like to say a huge thank you for your patience and continued support.

If you need to contact VSOM staff at anytime please email


General enquiries -
Centre manager - Lucy Finn-

Or if the matter is urgent you can reach Jamie Finn at the shop on 01355-244562 




- New Students -

Given the success of our remote learning we are continuing to accept new students that wish to use this medium, for the following instruments:

- Piano
- Keyboard
- Vocals
- Drums
- Guitar
- Bass
- Ukulele
- Violin

If you are interested in remote learning with VSOM just drop us a line with your contact details and we will be in touch with available times and costs:

For those that would prefer to wait for our classrooms to reopen we have a waiting list, if yo would like to be added to this just send your details to: