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Grade Examinations

For those that don't know the VSOM are big advocates of accredited instrument examinations for students of all ages and levels. There are a number of reasons for this, the main being that sitting examinations promotes practice and progression, plus they carry weight

in the real world too.

No, it's not just another certificate for the fridge, sitting and passing grades 6, 7 and/or 8 will earn UCAS points, which can help students get into college or university - or even help land a job.

Now this may seem like a long way off, especially if Junior is only just taking up guitar at age 7, but there are quite a few grades to go before hitting grade 6, and we find that the earlier students take part in the gradings the better.

However, sitting examinations is NOT mandatory, and while we recommend giving them a bash, we won't force anyone to take part.

The entry cut of dates are listed below.

RGT Guitar & Ukulele Exams

Summer Examination Entry Closing Date - 1st May 2017

Winter Examination Entry Closing Date - 1st Oct 2017

Trinity Rock and Pop - Drums - Keyboard - Singing

Spring Examination Entry Closing Date - 11th Feb 2017

Summer Examination Entry Closing Date - 13th May 2017

Trinity Classical and Jazz - Violin - Piano

Summer Examination Closing Date - 28th April 2017

Winter Examination Closing Date - 6th October 2017

For more info on exams and how to enter ask your tutor or at reception, or email

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