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Summer Showcase 2018 - Things just got BIGGER

Anyone that's been following the progress of our student shows will know that each year - without fail - our shows sell out. And FAST.

2013 Xmas show - capacity 40 - Sold out

2014 Xmas Show - capacity 90 - Sold out

2016 Summer Show - capacity 320 - Sold out

2016 Xmas Show night one - capacity130 - Sold out

2016 Xmas Show night two - capacity 130 - Sold out

2017 Summer show capacity - 320 - Sold out

2017 Xmas Show - capacity 420 - SOLD OUT IN ONE WEEK So this summer - being Village Music's 25th anniversary and all - we thought we'd push the boat out and hire the Hamilton Townhouse. Capacity 719. And of course, we are aiming to sell it out!

This one is going to be one BIG super party - we're aiming to include virtually every-single-one of our (nearly 400) students - as long as they want to take part that is. So please please join us for our BIGGEST party to date.

Tuesday 5th of June 2018 at the Hamilton Townhouse Tickets on sale SOON

VSOM Summer Showcase 2018

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