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2018 Royal National MOD

VSOM Fiddle Club -  Royal National Mod

2018 was a busy year, and we may have forgotten to give a special mention to Mairi Therese and her new FIDDLE CLUB.

Mairi applied for funding to start Fiddle Club, a traditional fiddle group, to give her intermediate and advanced students the opportunity to play and perform together outside of the VSOM shows. The goal was to take part in the local Glasgow Mod - a traditional music and arts festival celebrating Gaelic culture. Initially it was really just for fun and the experience, but after taking GOLD in the Glasgow Mod, Mairi and her Fiddle Club were automatically entered into the National Mod, which was to be held in Dunoon in October. Rehearsals were taken a little more seriously from this point on, but as the national competition is a highly regarded institution taken very seriously by lots of schools and groups from all over the Scotland, we have to admit we believed we were really there for the experience. But Fiddle Club only went and WON SECOND PLACE bringing home a big bag of silver medals. All of the staff at VSOM are incredibly proud of the effort Mairi Therese and all of her amazing students put in for the competition, and we cannot WAIT to have a stab at bringing home GOLD in 2019. PS music is not a competition... Unless of course you win.


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