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Summer Showcase 2019

Hi folks!

It’s nearly summer time so that means the VSOM Summer Showcase! and if you or your child has been selected to perform at the show this is about everything you need to know!

- Where & When -

The show will be held at The Eastwood Park Theatre in Giffnock on the 18th of June 7pm-9:30ish.

* Performers should arrive at the theatre between 6:15pm-6:45pm *

- What to bring –

Your instrument - pianos/ keyboards/ drums/ amps will be provided.

Accessories - tuners, rosin, plectrums, cables etc

A strap – For swift changeovers all performances will be standing, so please make sure you have a strap for your guitar, bass, or uke - and if you usually play seated make sure to practice standing up.

Your Music – If you can memorise your pieces, great! But if you need your music, even just as a backup, we recommend putting loose sheets of music into a folder using polly-pockets so the sheets don’t fall all over the stage. VSOM music folders will be available to purchase at reception and online.

- Stringed Instruments - For those with stringed instruments – guitars, ukes violins etc - we definitely recommend putting on a new set of strings a few days before the concert and playing them in - especially if your current strings are old, or have never actually been changed - the heat on stage can cause old or corroded strings to suddenly snap. If you need any help give the guys at the shop a call and they’ll be able to help with advice and fitting. And remember if you’re buying strings from the shop, you get 10% off!

- What to wear -

Our summer concert usually has a bit of a summer/beach vibe, so feel free to wear bright colours, shades, or a VSOM T-shirt. If you don’t have a VSOM branded T-shirt checkout for a selection of gents, ladies and kids fit t-shirts - and delivery takes just a couple of working days.

- Tickets -

Tickets for the show are a flat £8 and will ONLY be on sale from the Eastwood Park Theatre Box Office, via phone or online.

. Please note the show is about 75% sold already, so please do not leave buying your tickets until the very last minute!

- Video and Photos -

Performances from the show will be filmed and photographed and may be published online and may feature in the local paper, so we will need parents/ guardians to pop into our reception and sign release/ permission forms.

If you DO NOT want your child being filmed or photographed on stage can you please let reception know ASAP.

- Proceeds -

As always all proceeds from ticket sales, commemorative programme sales, raffle ticket sales etc will be donated to our favourite charity Neuroblastoma UK - helping fight childhood cancer.

- Availability -

If your child is NOT available on the 18th please let us know ASAP.

If we don’t see you before, we’ll see you on the 18th of June for show time

VSOM Summer Showcase 2019 in Aid of Neuroblastoma UK

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