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The Village School of Music Summer Showcase 2022 is on Wednesday the 18th of May at the Village Theatre in East Kilbride.

Below is some information on what to expect and what bring if you, or your child, 
is performing.


Where and When

The show will be held at the EK Village Theatre, Maxwell Drive East Kilbride, G74 4HY on Wednesday the18th of May.

Doors - and bar - open at 18:00 with the show starting at 19:00 sharp, and should end around 21:20(ish).

When to Arrive & What to Bring

Performers should arrive between 18:15 - 18:45 at the stage entrance on the right hand side of the building with their instrument, music and any additional extras they may need.

We will have staff and chaperones to take the performers to their allocated dressing rooms where they can get their instruments tuned and warm up until it’s their time to perform.

Instruments will be kept back stage until the end of the show.

We have a row of seats in the auditorium reserved for performers. 
- Students performing in the first half will be back stage until their time to perform – then can watch the second half in the auditorium.  
- Students performing in the second half can sit in the reserved section until the break when they will be    escorted backstage by a staff member.

Parent’s, guardians, and families should enter via the main entrance at the front – please make sure to have purchased your tickets in advanceour shows tend to sell out - and council run theatre are strict on capacity limits.

VSOM will provide large instruments such as drum kits, guitar and bass amps, pianos, keyboards, and music stands - but students must bring any other instruments: guitars, basses, ukuleles, violins etc. If you are unsure what to bring contact for more info.

Check List
         - Instrument
         - Strap - for guitar or ukulele – all performances will be standing
         - Guitar Cable & Plectrums – for electric and bass guitars
         - Spare Strings – guitar, ukulele, and Violin
         - Music – if required
         - Digital Tuner

We recommend putting fresh strings on instruments 2-3 days before the scheduled performance – this limits the chance of strings breaking on the night - or carry a spare set on the night. If you need help with fitting strings see the guys over at the shop.


Our summer showcases have a summer theme, and dressing in bright colours will help your child stand out on stage - so the brighter, zanier, and rock n roll, the better! 

We have a wide range of VSOM branded t-shirts in loads of colours to fit kids, teens, and adults – all are available to order before the show - see
HERE  for the full range.


Tickets are £10 each and are available from the South Lanarkshire Box Office on 01355-261000 or purchase online at

Again, please don’t leave buying a ticket until the last minute – our shows do tend to sell out.


Commemorative Programme & Raffle Tickets 

There will be a fantastic A4 commemorative programme for sale from the lobby featuring the names of all the performers, which is a great keepsake and looks fab in a frame. There will also be raffle tickets available with some Fantastic prizes up for grabs - so make sure to bring some change to purchase.









Photos & Videos

Photography and video is permitted in the auditorium - but we have a professional photographer attending, and videographer shooting the show with 4 cameras - so feel free to keep your hands free for clapping and cheering.

Photos will be available to download from the Village School for Music Website usually 2-3 weeks after the show. The video footage takes much longer to edit, but some, if not all, the performances should be ready for publishing over the summer holidays.

If you would prefer your child not to be photographed or videoed please email before Friday the13th of May.

Can’t Make the Show

If the performer can’t make the show PLEASE let us know as soon as possible – particularly if they are performing a solo act – email


if you can make the show, please, please, PLEASE stay for the whole show and support, clap, and cheer for all our wonderful students.

Some families leave at the break, and there’s nothing more disheartening than playing to a half filled theatre – especially when the first half was packed.

Big Love

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